Knee Brace Knee Compression Sleeves MUBYTREE


Measurement method: please straighten your leg then measure 4 inches above your kneecap

We have 4 sizes (S / M / L / XL). If you’re between sizes, we advise you to choose a larger size

Quickly absorbs sweat and keeps knees dry and odorless

With silicone gel to keep the brace from rolling. Stay away from sharp things to avoid snagging

The first use will be a little tight. Use it a few times and it will fit your knee better




  • Double anti-slip silicone gel
  • Sweat absorbing design
  • 3D flexible breathable knitting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Injury prevention & pain relief
  • Unisex for men and women


  • 1.Ideal for joint damage, patellar damage, ligament injuries, tendon injuries, etc
  • 2.Help to improve muscle oxygenation
  • 3.Keep warm in cold days
  • 4.For all sports and daily activities: provides enough support so you can enjoy all sports like basketball, football, weight-lifting, running, yoga, hockey, cycling, hiking, skiing, crossfit, etc


  • Color: black + green
  • Weight: 0.14kg (2 pack)
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: S / M / L / XL

Elastic & Flexible

Ergonomic design can better adapt to your joints. With a strong elasticity, this amazing knitting helps to fit perfectly any knees.

Improve blood circulation and give a better compression to the knees and muscles.

Anti-slip Silicone

With double silicone gel to keep the knee brace from sliding down or rolling during sports or daily activities.

No need to pull up your knee brace all the time during exercise.

Breathable & Sweat absorbing

Made of 3D breathable fabric, keep your knee fresh and cool for a long time.

Quick at absorbing sweat and odor free.

Please avoid touching sharp things to avoid snagging.

4 Sizes to Select

  • How to mesure the size correctly ?
  • Please stand up and straighten your legs then measure 4 inches above your kneecap. The thigh circumference (4 inch above the kneecap) is the size you need.
  • We have 4 sizes. Make sure to choose the size that suits you best.
  • If you’re between sizes, choose the lower size for extra compression and upper size for reduced compression.
  • S: 14.5”-17” (37-43cm)
  • M: 17”-19” (43-48cm)
  • L: 19”-21” (48-53cm)
  • XL: 21”-23” (53-58cm)

Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

After a knee joint injury, the use of a knee brace can reduce the bending of the knee and maintain a straight line from the thigh to the calf. Protect the knee from further deterioration.

Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

Patella can be fixed relatively in a stable position with the knee brace to ensure that it is not easy to get injured.

Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

For ligament injuries, you can choose to wear knee brace, which can play a role in keeping you warm and also in assisting the treatment of ligament strain.

Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

For tendon injuries, you can also choose to wear knee brace. Knee brace is effective at preventing tendon damage from overexertion.